University of Tulsa, Collins College of Business

Investment Analysis, Fall 2019

Fundamental principles of investment decision-making under uncertainty. This course will develop the skills needed to estimate and evaluate the risk and return of stocks, bonds, and portfolios. Discussions in the course cover modern portfolio theory, market efficiency, and equilibrium economic pricing models for financial assets. Emphasis is placed on the valuation of equity securities and fixed income securities.

University of Arkansas, Sam M. Walton College of Business

Investments, Fall 2018, Spring 2019

The primary objective is to provide an integrated framework for understanding the mechanism of financial investments. The course emphasizes intuition and practical applications of investment theory as well as some analytical analysis. Topics to be covered include financial markets, portfolio theory and its applications, equity and  fixed-income securities. The course best suits the following students (but not limited to): 1) those who aspire to pursue a career in investment banking; 2) those who would like to become a professional money manager.

​Principles of Finance, Spring 2017

​The purpose of this course is to provide the basic understanding of how financial system works and how firms make financial decisions. The first part of the course covers the role and functions of financial intermediaries and markets for fixed income and equity securities. The second part of the course covers financial statement analysis, financial forecasting and budgeting with the emphasis placed on the income statements, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. The third part of the course covers introduction to asset valuation with the focus on stock and bonds valuation. The forth part of the course covers how firms effectively manage financial resources and create value through investment and financing decisions.

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